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Child abuse

It is important to notice a child who needs help and who may be suffering from violence and always respond so that the child gets the necessary help as quickly as possible.

Violence is behavior that causes physical, mental, or emotional harm to another person. When a child grows up in an environment where violence is present, it can have serious and long-term effects on their development, behavior, and well-being. That is why it is important to report when a child is suffering from violence. It should be taken into account that children may not be ready to tell about the incident themselves because the abuser may be a relative or a good friend.

What to do?

  • Talk to someone you trust. If you feel that the support of loved ones is insufficient, contact a specialist. In cases related to children, the Children´s Helpline helps with advice and assistance 24/7 on the phone 116 111, by e-mail at [email protected], or via the chat window on the website.
  • Cases of physical and sexual abuse must be reported to the police. In cases of sexual abuse, the Children's House supports the child and the family, [email protected] or telephone number 116 111.

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You can report a child in need of help 24/7 on the child helpline of the Social Insurance Board 116 111. You can also communicate with us through the chat window on the page In an emergency, call the emergency number 112.



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