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Victim support

The victim support worker will offers you support if you have suffered as a result of a crime, violence, or a crisis event. You can get support and advice from us. We also give advice if you are worried about a loved one or want to support a person as a specialist.

We offer:

  • Support in case of experiencing any violence (physical, mental, sexual, economic) or an accident;

Counseling at the victim support center can be done anonymously, but personal data must be provided when applying for benefits and services. The victim support center guarantees your confidentiality. 

  • Mental health care supporting recovery from trauma;

If mental health help is necessary to recover from a crime or violence experienced, the person and their family members have the opportunity to receive psychological counseling and psychotherapy services, the costs of which are paid for by the Social Insurance Board. Read more about it here

In addition, we have trained volunteers who are ready to empower and support you directly to help you improve your coping skills and find a way to a safer life.

We are located in every county. We advise confidentially and, if necessary, anonymously. The service is free. Find the nearest victim support worker here.

Victim support crisis helpline

The victim crisis support helpline 116 006 offers round-the-clock crisis counselling, provides information about your rights and assistance options and connects you with the right specialists. You can also call us from abroad at +372 614 7393.

When you become a victim, you have to deal with challenges that may be unfamiliar to you. You may feel different emotions: fear, anger, shame, or guilt. You may also not know where to get help. Talking about what happened can be hard, but not talking can eventually be even harder. 

We offer you support and hearing. We are available for you at the most convenient place and at the most suitable moment, both online and on the phone. We do not judge you, and you can contact us repeatedly. If you wish, we can also contact you later to discuss the best ways to help you.

You are welcome to contact us both immediately after the event and after a longer time has passed.

Call the victim helpline 116 006 if:

  • you have fallen victim to a crime;
  • you have been neglected or mistreated;
  • you have been subjected to physical, mental, sexual, or economic violence;
  • who have lost a loved one as a result of a crime or an accident;
  • you want to report someone who may need help.

You can call 24/7 for free and anonymously if you wish. Support is available in Estonian, Russian, and English. If you don't want to call, we are available for you in the online chat. To start a conversation, press the "Chat" button in the right corner.

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