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Many people think that only celebrities are stalked. Yet, any other person can become a victim of stalking. Stalking is a persistent and unwanted attention that is harassing and frightening to you. Stalking starts as early as two times and is often accompanied by fear of violence. This kind of harassment is especially scary because it can last for a long time and make you feel constant fear or anxiety. People stalk each other not only in real life (on the street, at work, etc.) but also on social media, for example, by threatening or scaring you. In this case, it is cyberbullying.

Seek help!

In an emergency, call 112 or the Social Insurance Board's victim support crisis helpline 116 006. You can also communicate with us via online chat at Find the nearest victim support worker or women’s support centre here.

If the victim is ready to find answers to his questions and the person who committed the crime admits their act, help can be found in restorative justice


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