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Stalking in a harassing manner

Many people think that only celebrities are stalked. However, every other person can fall victim to stalking in a harassing manner. Stalking is constant and unwanted attention that has a harassing and intimidating effect on you. Stalking in a harassing manner starts with as little as two instances of stalking and is often accompanied by a fear of violence. This kind of harassment is especially frightening because it can last for a long time and make you feel constantly afraid or anxious. People do not just stalk each other in real life (on the street, at work, etc.), but also on social media, for example, by threatening or intimidating you. In this case, it constitutes cyberbullying.

Get help

Get help by calling the emergency number 112 or the Social Insurance Board’s victim support helpline 116 006. You can also chat with us online at Find your nearest victim support worker or women’s support centre here.

If the person who has been harmed is willing to find answers to their questions and the person who has done wrong admits their wrongdoing, restorative justice can help.


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