Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) is an evidence-based, family-centred programme for young people with serious risk behaviours and multiple needs and their families. The programme is based on the belief that having a supportive family is an opportunity to help children and young people. In addition to the child, the therapy also involves parents and non-family members who are in close contact with the child (e.g., school, friends). The difference from traditional family therapy lies in the length of the therapy period (4–6 months), the multi-level intensive intervention in the family system and the flexibility (meetings in the therapy room as well as in the family home).

The MDFT programme is intended for young people aged 11–18 years (incl.) with a history of delinquency, substance abuse, deviant behaviour, failure to attend school, family problems. Therapy is about finding solutions, not blame.

Children in need can be referred to the programme by:

  • the prosecutor’s office;
  • the court;
  • the probation supervisor;
  • the police;
  • the local government (young people up to 14 years old).

MDFT teams are based in the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western District.


Northern District

Location: Endla 8, Tallinn, 15092


Work areas: Tallinn, Harju County, Rapla County, Järva County


Eastern District 

Location: Keskväljak 1, Jõhvi, 41531


Work areas: Lääne-Viru County, Ida-Viru County


Southern District

Location: Tähe 106, Tartu, 51013


Work areas: Tartu County, Jõgeva County, Viljandi County, Valga County, Võru County, Põlva County



Western District

Location: Lai 14, Pärnu, 80010


Work areas: Lääne County, Pärnu County, Hiiu County, Saare County