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Multidimensional family therapy

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) is an evidence-based, family-centered therapy program for youth and their families with severe risk behaviors and multifaceted support needs.

The program is based on the knowledge that the problem behavior of adolescents is the result of the interaction of several factors. MDFT applies a combined approach of developmental approach, systemic family therapy, and network therapy - to help the adolescent, both their family and, as necessary, other persons and institutions important to them are involved.

In the event that a young person commits violations of the law, (ab)use of addictive substances, neglect of school obligations, aggression against themselves or others, etc. risk behavior, the suitability of the MDFT program may be considered in cooperation with a child protection specialist or the police. It usually takes 4-6 months to complete the program.

MDFT's guiding principle is that good and functioning relationships with family and network ensure the best solutions to youth problems. The focus is on the strengths and protective factors of family members rather than finding culprits. Family members, especially parents, are valuable cooperation partners.

If you have any questions, you can write to [email protected]

To whom?

MDFT is suitable for young people aged 11-18 (incl.) who have several problems from the list and that have lasted for a long time:

  • commission of offenses
  • (ab)use of addictive substances
  • behavioral problems at school, including not fulfilling the obligation of attending school
  • problem behavior
  • family problems
  • mental health problems

It is important that other interventions have been tried beforehand (e.g., psychological counseling, classic family therapy, parenting skills training, various programs, social rehabilitation service, etc.), and the consent of the young person and the parent is necessary for participation.

How to I get it?

A child in need of help can be referred to the MDFT service by:

  • the local government child protection specialist;
  • the police officer;
  • the prosecutor;
  • the judge;
  • the probation officer.
How is MDFT different?

MDFT is different from conventional family therapy because...

  • The length of therapy is 4-6 months.
  • MDFT is intensive, with weekly meetings.
  • In MDFTs, parallel work takes place in four dimensions: with the young person, with the parent, with the family (young person and parent together or extended family), and with the non-family dimension (school, friends, networking), and meetings are held with all parties.
  • The location of MDFT therapy is flexible; meetings are held both in the therapy room and in a place suitable for families (e.g., at home).

MDFT teams are located in the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western regions.

General email: [email protected]

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Service manager: Line Maasikas 5469 0139


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