A victim of human trafficking is a person who, for economic gain, is placed in a situation where they are forced to marry, work under abnormal conditions, engage in prostitution, beg, commit a crime or perform some other repugnant obligation. Human trafficking is also when a person is held in such a situation, taking away their liberty through the use of violence and deception, harm, threats, dependency, or exploitation of a helpless or vulnerable state.

If you suspect human trafficking, call the human trafficking prevention and victim assistance helpline on working days from 8:30 to 17:00 on the number 660 7320. Around the clock help and advice is available from the Social Insurance Board’s victim support helpline 116 006. Counselling and shelter services for victims of human trafficking are provided by MTÜ Eluliin, which can also be contacted directly by phone on 655 6140 and 551 5491, or by e-mail: atoll.center@gmail.com

The Social Insurance Board’s victim support provides a range of services for victims of human trafficking:

  • safe accommodation;
  • catering;
  • health services;
  • material assistance;
  • psychological help;
  • interpretation and translation to obtain services;
  • other services necessary for the victim’s physical and psychosocial recovery.

Read more about human trafficking from the materials of the Victim Support Europe Campaign. See also the guide to identifying and referring human trafficking victims.


The non-profit organisation Eluliin offers services to people involved in prostitution in the ATOLL Centre in Tallinn, the AVA Centre in Jõhvi, and the TOOME Centre in Tartu. From 2019, services are also offered in the PÄRNA Centre in Pärnu. The centres provide support and counselling (a support person, psychological, legal, social, experiential and labour market counselling) to people who want to leave prostitution.

The aim of the centres is to contribute to improving the well-being and safety of people involved in prostitution and to help them leave prostitution. The centres:

  • offer multifaceted assistance and quality advice;
  • support the person in finding their own psychological and social resources to organise their lives better outside of prostitution;
  • help the person to gain the independence to take control of their lives and develop their personal potential.


Contact information of the centres

Tallinn ATOLL Centre, 655 6140, Mon, Wed and Fri 15–19, Tue and Thu 12–16.

Jõhvi AVA Centre, 775 1893, Mon 11–16. 

Tartu Toome Centre, 631 4600, Thu 11–16.