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Where there are people, there are conflicts, because conflicts are a part of life. Restorative justice is one way of dealing with conflicts. In restorative justice, the parties to a conflict come together and communicate in a way that allows one person to express their feelings and needs, and the other person listens to them.

Restorative justice can be applied to different types of conflict – for example, at home (between parents, parent and child, family members, etc.), at school (between pupils, teacher and pupil, school staff, teacher and parent, etc.), at work (between employees, employees and employer, etc.), in the community (between neighbours, young people, etc.).

Read more about restorative justice here.

Get help

In an emergency, call 112 or the Social Insurance Board’s victim support helpline on 116 006. You can also chat with us online at

The restorative justice service can be accessed on your own or by referral. For this, send an email to [email protected].


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