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Closed children’s institution

The service of a closed children’s institution is a last resort for a child who is a danger to their own life, health or development, or that of others. While in the service, the child learns ways of living that are not harmful to their life and health. The child is provided with accommodation and catering, around-the-clock support and supervision, supportive activities in the case of developmental and behavioural problems, support in communicating with family and friends, leisure activities, and more. While in the service, the child’s access to some activities is limited. For example, there are restrictions on the use of a smart device, on communication with people outside the place of service, as well as on the child’s freedom of movement. For this reason, a child can only be placed in a closed children’s institution with the consent of the court.

See what the referral of a child to a closed childcare centre looks like, and find the application form for the service. The service is provided by the Hiiumaa Youth Home, the Maarjamaa Educational College, and AS Hoolekandeteenused in Rakvere, at the Lille Home.

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