Our mission is to bring innovative, evidence-based, systemic and simple ways of getting help to the national victim support system.

Our vision is to ensure that everyone in need gets the help they need, simply, quickly and with care.

The aim of the Social Insurance Board’s Victim Support and Prevention Services Department is to create a safer life for all people in Estonia and for Estonian citizens abroad. Among others, we support victims of human trafficking, sexually abused and unaccompanied minors, etc., as well as people who want to abandon their own violent behaviour.

To achieve this, we provide extensive support to people who have been treated violently, negligently or badly. We support people in cases of physical, mental, sexual and economic violence, as well as accidents and crimes. We offer psychological counselling, the possibility to apply for victim compensation, support through the MARAC network or restorative justice, etc.

We also give advice to people who want to support others as specialists: medical professionals, social workers, teachers, etc. For this, we provide training (psychological first aid, assistance to victims of hate crimes and human trafficking, etc.), counselling and the necessary guidance materials (analyses, videos, statistics, etc.). We also train volunteers wishing to support people who have been treated violently or negligently, or who have been involved in accidents or been a victim of crime.